Blog posts: An exchange student in France

I had a relatively good command of French when I came, at least so I thought, but it turns out that I am not good enough to take part in an everyday conversation with a native, which is SO frustrating. When I came here, I was so positive and thought this would be a nice year (after all, when exchange students come back to their own country, they tend to describe their year abroad as “the best year of their life”), but I could not have been more wrong. … the French seem so cold and unfriendly, and I must admit that I am starting to feel a certain hostility towards them and their behaviour and all that is French and all that I was so eager to explore in the first place. OK, so I do not look French, my French is not perfect and I may not laugh at the same things that they do, but I am still a nice person and not some alien from outer space. I had a very active life in my own country and I never felt lonely, here I am reduced to an invisible human being that does not fit in anywhere. An exchange student in France, Cathy, 2009