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“Netiquette” has evolved to aid us in infusing our electronic communications with some of these missing behavioral pieces. “Emoticons” and other tools have become popular and we encourage their use if it will add to the clarity of your communication: 🙂   happy, pleased 🙁   sad, displeased :-O   surprised >:-|   angry You may use abbreviations when possible. Examples: LOL   laugh out … Continue reading Netiquette »

Comment guidelines

Many of the guidelines that apply to e-mail also apply to the use of discussions. Use the following conventions when composing a comment or discussion posting: If you want to send a personal message to the instructor or to another student, use e-mail rather than the discussion forum (see above E-mail Guidlines). Be patient. Don’t expect an immediate response when you post to the forum. … Continue reading Comment guidelines »

E-mail guidelines

Communication via E-mail will be an integral part of any course. You will receive regularly information and updates and you can contact your course instructors by email. Make sure you: Check your e-mail at least twice per week (more often is better). Be patient. Don’t expect an immediate response when you send a message. Generally, it may take us one or two days to reply. … Continue reading E-mail guidelines »