Reflections on Learning

I’d like you to stop here for a moment and reflect on your learning so far – learning in general and learning a foreign language in particular.

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Reflections on Learning - Transcript Reflections on Learning – Transcript


Learning preferences

VARK Website Screenshot

VARK Website Screenshot

To check it out and find out about your preferred ways of learning you might want to do the How do I learn best questionnaire on learning preferences. It will give you an indication of whether you are more Visual, Aural, Read/Write or Kinesthetic type of learner or a combination of these (multimodal learning preference) and outline general study strategies.

And…? What kind of learner are you then?


Would you agree with the findings? Are you surprised by them?

Practical Tips for Your Learning

Here you’ll find a PDF document with all kinds of tips for different learner types collected in one place. Print it out please, we’re going to need it in a paper form.

Download the handout
Strategy tips for learners Strategy tips for learners


Read the handout, check vocabulary as you go to make sure everything is clear, study it. Did you notice how different the sections look? Most are plain text only and that’s a killer for visual learners. Now treat this printout as a draft copy to edit in whatever way that matches your style of learning – turn it into a ‘learnable package’ by adding or highlighting things, doodling on it, etc.

Take your time to explore it all, not just the sections which are the most relevant to you.


More learning styles tests

If you enjoy doing quizzes and self-assessment tests and you’re hungry for even more food for thought, try these:

1. The Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire  to assess preferences on four dimensions: active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, sequential/global

+ Notes on how the learners can help themselves

2. Left Right Brain Dominance Test 

+ Tips for learners