Time & Money Matters

Time & Money Matters | Wordle | LEXICON

Image: Time & Money Matters | Wordle | LEXICON

Welcome to Week 6 !!!

Time flies – can you believe this is the last week of our course? And there is still work to be done here – another portion of materials is awaiting you in Week 6!  Here’s a brief overview…


Reviewing vocabulary

The quiz  covering vocabulary from the beginning of the course will help you with revision before the Final test, which is also due this week.

Another form of vocabulary review is a crossword created on the basis of your contributions of 20 KEY WORDS in ABCs of Trade Marks, which is a separate lesson topic just before the Final Test.



Time & Money Matters | Wordle | LEXICON

Time & Money Matters

We’ll show you how the ‘Time is money’ metaphor is reflected in the language itself. We’ll look into time limits & various time expressions, as well as vocabulary to do with financial aspects of registering a CTM. We’ll also explore some authentic OHIM communications and look at writing as a communication skill.



Take your learning into your own hands!

We are rounding off the topics of this week and suggest some ideas and opportunities for self-studying.




Final Test

… is not going to look very different from the previous Reviewing vocabulary quizzes,  except for its size maybe and the fact that it’s not possible to redo the test as many times. Make sure you actively revise the material from the whole course before you start the test. Good luck!




Final Review (Week 6 Survey)

Finally, we would like to ask you for your feedback on your overall learning experience with this course and the materials provided. We would like to hear how you liked it, what worked best for you, what was missing and anything else you’d like to tell us.



Any questions? – Contact us directly.

And now straight back into your learning process… Enjoy !

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