“Netiquette” has evolved to aid us in infusing our electronic communications with some of these missing behavioral pieces. “Emoticons” and other tools have become popular and we encourage their use if it will add to the clarity of your communication:

  • 🙂   happy, pleased
  • 🙁   sad, displeased
  • :-O   surprised
  • >:-|   angry

You may use abbreviations when possible. Examples:

  • LOL   laugh out loud, “I find this funny”
  • ROFL   rolling on floor laughing, really funny
  • BTW   by the way
  • *grin*   smiling
  • IMHO   in my humble opinion
  • FYI   for your info
  • Flame   antagonistic criticism

Netiquette continues to evolve and we might have constant additions to this growing language. The important thing to remember is that all of the “cute” symbols in the world cannot replace your careful choice of words and “tone” in your communication.


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