What are the main activities of The Language of Trade Marks?

The course “The Language of Trade Marks – the Basics” consists of six weekly modules (see “Course navigation” in the right sidebar). Each weekly lesson will consist of several activities:

a brief introduction and overview,
a review of previously studied vocabulary at the beginning of each week (from week 2),
 various materials and exercises on the weeks’ topics (“Language tasks”),
 one assignment (“Practical task”) at the end of each week, and
tips and recommendations for independent studies (“Do-it-yourself task”): Take your learning into your own hands!

Some of these units we split into several pages in order to avoid endless scrolling 😉

Since there are a lot of different ways to learn on this course, this is what we suggest that you begin with:


Reviewing vocabulary

Beginning with week 2, we start off every week with reviewing the vocabulary from previous lessons. These little tests will help you build a solid base of vocabulary connected to trade marks.



T is for Trade Mark

Lesson topics and language tasks

Each week consists of several units, called lesson topics  focusing on various aspects of trade mark protection and the language connected with it. While you’re working on the different topics, please complete the exercises or quizzes that are connected to them. These language tasks will help you to get some practice and intensify your learning experience.



Take your learning into your own hands

You want to learn more? – This Do-it-yourself part gives you some tips and recommendations for self-study, both on the WHAT and the HOW. It’s optional, but very much recommended… – it’s just 6 weeks and you want to make the best of it, right?



The assignment

Once you’ve completed the units with their exercises, we would like to invite you for a challenge. The assignment is a practical task, where you will be able to put your learning into practice.




What do you think? (Weekly Survey)

At the end of every week we’ll ask you to review your learning, the course materials and the functionality of the on-line platform. This is a way for you to voice your opinions and make suggestions, and for us to get valuable feedback to make improvements.



Each participant is entitled to three 30-minute individual Skype language coaching sessions, which will be available in the final weeks of the course and are to be scheduled individually with the course instructor in mid-course.

The course is individual in nature – your interactions are with the instructor only, at this point the opportunity to discuss and share thoughts about the course and its content with other participants is disabled.

However, at the end of each week you will have an opportunity to share your impressions on the the course content and suggest changes, additions, etc. We would like to encourage you to actively reflect on the course and your learning progress. You can share your reflections only with us (through an anonymous on-line survey) or with other course participants (in an open comment section).

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