E-mail guidelines

Communication via E-mail will be an integral part of any course. You will receive regularly information and updates and you can contact your course instructors by email. Make sure you:

  1. Check your e-mail at least twice per week (more often is better).
  2. Be patient. Don’t expect an immediate response when you send a message. Generally, it may take us one or two days to reply.
  3. Please include “Subject” headings: use “Trademark Basics – …” and add something that is descriptive and refer to a particular topic or task, e.g. „Trademark Basics – CTM examination”.
  4. Try to make every effort to be clear. Online communication lacks the nonverbal cues that fill in much of the meaning in face-to-face communication.
  5. Sign your e-mail messages.
  6. We try to ensure a secure e-mail communication. Nevertheless, never assume that your e-mail can be read by no one except the course instructors and yourself. Others may gain access and read your mail. Never send or keep anything that you would not mind seeing on the evening news ;).


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